Any chance you could add support to the current kodi version for this patch?

A lot of kodi addons are broken if the content provider uses cloudflare. They have stopped allowing http2 without TLS. This patch add’s a new advanced settings option similar to kodi 19


I think we need this one too:

@cdu13a @Portisch and rest of the team, I hope you guys can add this two patch soon because some addons including ‘IPTV simple client’ stopped working because of the Cloudflare changes.

Looks like its being done. Just checked the github and its been added.

Yes, @daniel3x @ballz the new nightly does include the pull request. Please try if http2 is working now as it should. Http2 can also be disabled by Advancedsettings.xml.


I just update to the last nightly and is working perfect now. Didn’t even needed to disable Http2 in advanced xml file. Great work. Thanks


Thanks for adding this, the fix works perfectly. Will this be incorporated into a hot-fix, ie. version

It will be in the next stable release. There are no hotfixes planned.

Hey there,

Just read about the Cloudflare bug fix in Kodi 18.9.

  1. Is the CE patch available in all 9.2.x releases?

  2. How can I add the patch in previous 9.2.x releases?

Since Kodi has been bumped a new release of CE will be along very shortly.


Very, very impatient …
Stay tuned and wait …

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