Any device with DRM that can also boot CE?

Looking for the best of both worlds, really prefer CE for my local content, but also need the ability to watch you tube tv, and Netflix 4k would be great.

Is there any box out there that fits these requirements in Android but also can dual boot CE?

Beelink was working before with Netflix 4k and CE but 3 months ago stopped.
If you have 4k TV why you don’t use native app in your tv for Netflix?

None that I know of. In fact, no devices can play all streaming services and kodi well either. So, I use a combo of fire stick 4k and odroid n2.

I prefer to use one device. Also like to avoid ARC which means with Spdif I can only
get DD from TV apps.

Be very careful with these Mecool device versions

Apparently they work as a certified ATV

Then this issue with an update

Exception is Netflix.
They’ve had issues with Mecool hacks in the past and banned them.