Any options left to run Nextcloud on amlogic-ng?

So, it looks like Nextcloud is not running anymore. This was announced some months ago and since a couple of days ago the nextcloud container starts but does not really listen to the HTTPs port.

Indeed, it looks like its startup script (/storage/.kodi/addons/docker.linuxserver.nextcloud/bin/docker.linuxserver.nextcloud) has been intentionally broken:

ARCH=$(grep LIBREELEC_ARCH /etc/os-release | sed -E 's|.*\.(.*)"|\1|')
if [ "${ARCH}" = "arm" ]; then
  echo '
  ****            You are using 32 bit userspace            ****
  ****       Linuxserver has deprecated 32 bit images       ****
  **** ****
  ****         This addon will not run on your system       ****
  sleep infinity

I will try to just remove that sleep infinity line, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t help either. So, the question is, do we have any other options available for running nextcloud (I’m using a Khadas VIM3l)?

As far as I understand, this SoC is 64 bit; I wonder, then, is there (or will there be) a 64 bit version of CoreELEC availbale?

There is from nightly.
Just doing my upgrades. And I need to reinstall android in my vontarX4…

Reading between the lines, I think the same thing has happened to me with Plex running through Docker. Certainly I’ve seen sleep infinity in the results of some of the terminal commands I’ve somewhat blindly run.

I got back to a working version by restoring a Coreelec backup with ethernet disconnected. I then turned off auto update for the Plex and Docker Image updater add-ons before restoring ethernet. Obviously I’m now stuck on the version of Plex I’m running but I’m pretty sure that this is the best I can do without buying new hardware to run Coreelec NE with 64 bit userspace.

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