Any possibillity to have force feedback on EmuElec?


I own an odroid N2 with 4GB with CoreElec on eMMC, Ubuntu and EmuElec on SD and everything is running well, even the self-built S/PDIF output for multichannel audio.
But there’s one thing I’d like to have under EmuElec: force feedback on my Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 or my Microsoft Sidewinder FFB Pro (I built a working interface from the gameport to USB with a teensy microcontroller, works with FF under Win 7). I think I’ve heard that the force feedback on game devices is realised by a MIDI-signal, so is this possible under EmuElec? In the settings I can see some MIDI options, but I guess it needs some software adjustment or am I wrong?

I’ve never really tried this, but AFAIK its only available on supported cores, does it not work at all on any of the cores?

Have you tried the rumble on Windows retroarch with the same adapter?

Hello shanti,

thanks for yor reply! Of course the force feedback has to be supported by the cores and the games, eg. Sega’s Dreamstation (the game Rayman 2 has an option in the settings), Nintendo 64 and some others should do this on several games but they unfortunately don’t. All I know is that it uses a MIDI channel for it. Any further help is welcome!
I haven’t any retroarch under Windows, but I’ll try this as soon as possible.