Any support for Magicsee C300 PRO

THX. It looks like i2c speed is to high in CE dtb. Alex uses 100 kHz, in CE is 300 kHz. There is an issue detect AVL6862 chip, probably crappy HW design. All other boxes with AVL6862 have no issue with 300 kHz.

Does this mean that dvb on this box will not work?

No. Only it’s necessary decrease i2c speed. I push update, in next nightly will be fixed.

thank for your work.

tested the last nightly build.dvb s, dvbt works only with dtb.img from alexelec.from the nightly assembly does not work.log with dtb.img from the nightly build.

and log with dtb.img from alexelec

THX for testing and logs. I found another issue, c_i2c has two alternatives for pins. Magicsee uses second one. I pushed update, pls check next nightly.

OK.I’ll check tomorrow.

checked. now everything works.log

tested with dvb s2 and dvbt no problems.dvb t2 we do not have.can anyone check?

Could you share the dtb that works for you? C300 or C300 pro? Nowadays if I activate the dvb-t drivers Corelec doesn´t start up

I have only on c300 pro.
by alexelec
and from the pre-assembly

They both work for me. By the way, their mono is taken from the sd card. folder device trees

Thanks I’ll test them