Any support for RK3368 Z4 TV Box?

This post indicated the current LE testing is being done on RK3328 and RK3288 with no testing on the low spec RK3229. My understanding is both RK3328 and RK3288 are a 64-bit quad-core system. What I would like to know is if an RK3368, 64-bit octa-core system, is supported by CE. The reason I ask is I have an old Z4 Android 5.1 TV BOX RK3368 Octa Core with 1/8 GB RAM/eMMC stowed away on a shelf that I can use to test. This unit is so old that it has a very old kodi 15.x and I sure would like to bring it back to run with the latest kodi. Anyone?

Have a look at the Libreelec forums,

No Chance. No source code either.

Alright and thank you,

I had this box a few years ago and I waited a year for a usable software but no luck so I sold it.
You can find custom android roms for it but no LE/CE.

OK and thank you for such a suggestion.