Any work around for 16TB limit?

CoreELEC has 16tb limit? drive in external storage hook it to the n2+ shows movie folder but not the contents, but hook up externl to pc and it shows the contents so i guess its a size issue? is there any bios or whatever to get around that limit?

Could test this if someone send me such a big drive I never had in my hand :slight_smile:

I have 17T shared from my server on NFS to an N2. They aren’t all on the same NFS mount, though. I haven’t seen any issues. Spread between movies, TV, and music.

My NAS share 64Tb via SMB & NFS
I’m not aware of a 16tb limit

There is a difference between online and local storage. Unless I misread, OP is referring to directly attached storage.
I dont ever use local storage so I haven’t encountered this limit.

Linux filesystem ext4 supports 1 Exbibyte/ 1 Petabyte local Storage

Well, that shouldn’t be the issue then :wink:

From quick googling there is some 16TB limit for 32 bit processor or at least 32 bit userspace.

Making two 8TB partitions should do the trick if nothing else helps.

and files with sizes up to 16 Terabytes

Maybe your are hitting ext4 limits.
I know that some tweaking has to be done with files that large .

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