Anybody Tried This? S78 Amlogic S922X Android 9.0 Smart Tv Box DDR4 4GB 32GB Bluetooth4.2 2.4G+5G Wifi 1000M Lan Android Tv Set Top Box VS X3PLUS

Although I just bought a Odroid N2+ because of all of the recommendations from the forum, and so far I like it very much, I am looking for an alternative and I found this:

Which is also sold here:

As far as I see, it is like a N2 but much cheaper at 90 euros, including charger and remote.

(here in Germany the N2+ costs 100 euros + 10 euros the power cable (?!?!?) + 30 euros the remote + 30 euros de emmc module, + 15 WIFI dongle(!??!?!?!), so 150 euros, which is the cost of an Nvidia Shield).

So this looks really interesting. Anybody tried it? Thanks!

You compare a Box with a SBC…, not comparable in my opinion.

According post #10 here, it should be possible to run CE. Checkout on your own. Due to bad experinece with X96 boxes, don’t expect much support for these china clones here…

Why not comprable?

I will contact the seller.

First, you can run different operating systems on a SBC (12 on N2), and a box works as expected only on one → factory pre-installed.
Second, you cannot brick a SBC whatever OS/experiment you throw in it :smiley:
Third, many other things I’d rather not go into…

The different OS is not a limitation of the box, if I can run CoreELEC, which is Linux, I can probably run others. But this is only relevant if that is your use case. I never run anything that is not CoreELEC.

About the non bricking, that could be and advantage, but I never bricked one device.

You can´t compare any SBC with some of the cheap & crap boxes made in china.
Locked bootloader, unsupported wifi & bluetooth chips etc. etc.

Hardkernel C4 or N2 are well supported devices, working like a charm.
I got two N2 devices, working as my daily driver.
Running like VW Beetle …