Anyone had a copy of aml_autoscript for S905W?

I recently reflash my android tv box firmware and that basically wipe the boot parameters. the USB drive with coreelec on it works and boots fine before that. I was expecting that the lepotato image have this aml_autoscript inside the boot partition, but it was missing so the “adb reboot update” is basically useless since there’s no aml_autoscript file exist. Poking the reset button doesnt help either.

this didnt help at all, luckily I still had a 2020 image file of coreelec on my nas, I dd that to usb flash drive, and that image got that aml_autoscript file that I need, after that all I did is plug that usb drive to android tv box, push a adb command to android to perform and reboot update, after a few minutes coreelec bootsup, cool, powered off the stb, now dd the newest build of coreelec to usb, and success, it finally able to boot up latest build of coreelec (with still missing aml_autoscript, not that it needed anymore until I reflash the android image back to it again).

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