Anyone know how to get CEC working after turning tv off and on when using Odroid N2?

Running the latest version, if I reboot my Odroid N2 CEC works fine, but If turn off my Panasonic TV and soundbar it stops working when I turn it on again. No problems before the last big update

The libcec version was updated. You can select an different libcec version in the CoreELEC settings, and see if that solves the problem.
See below

I’m experiencing similar problem. Do you know all the available libcec version #s that I can try out? Is 4.0.4 still the default?

rm -rf /storage/.config/libcec-4.*.conf
touch /storage/.config/libcec-4.0.5.conf

But for some reason
touch /storage/.config/libcec-4.0.7.conf
Just gives me 4.0.4

Same with touch /storage/.config/libcec-4.0.3.conf … Got 4.0.4

Seems like we can only change to 4.0.5, and all others still default to 4.0.4?

I checked it and it get shown 4.0.4, that’s correct.

But 4.0.7 get loaded:
CEC client registered: libCEC version = 4.0.7, client version = 4.0.0, firmware version = 5

There where some changes in libCEC, first to 5.0.0 for Kodi Matrix and than back to 4.0.7 for Kodi Leia.
I don’t know if this will be fixed ever.

I opened a issue at libCEC:

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