ARC recommendation for 7.1-1080p AVR and 4K TV

I’m in the process of buying a 55 inch Oled TV.
I am planning to choose between two TVs.
LG CX series and Philips 805.

Actually, I’m closer to Philips as it has Android Tv and HDR+.
As for my problem or question; I have Sony STR-DH810 AVR with TrueHD, DTS-HD 7.1 multi-channel audio capability. The video output is 1080p, so when I connect my Odroid-N2 to the AVR input and the AVR to the TV, I will have all audio formats as before. But 4K, HDR vs. I will lose.

If I connect Odroid-N2 to TV and connect TV to AVR as ARC-eARC, can I have 7.1 multi-channel audio output?

LG CX series eARC, Philips 805 ARC, I read many articles but couldn’t find the exact answer. I’m a little confused. :slight_smile:
Is anyone in my situation (7.1-1080p AVR, 4K TV)?
Which TV would you recommend I choose, LG CX? Philips-805? Should I choose between ARC and eARC? My preference is HDR+ etc should it set, should it set ARC-eARC?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Short answer is: most likely no.
You can’t pass through DTS formats through ARC/eARC on 2020 and newer models of LG. I don’t know about Philips, but it’s likely to be similar.
I’m pretty sure that you need eARC support on the AVR in order for the HD audio to pass through the TV as you would have liked.

Personally, I think that LG is a better TV than the Philips, it’s probably about the best OLED TV you can get for the price.

But you will either have to upgrade your AVR or find a splitter that will split the HDMI singal coming from the N2 into 2 separate HDMI cables, one for image which will go to the TV, and another one for sound which will go to the AVR.

Thank you for your quick response and suggestions.
My guess about ARC overlaps. I especially appreciate your suggestions.

Any suggestions on HDMI splitter? HDMI splitter will not be a problem with audio pass-through, but for HDR etc, I have no idea, but I have doubts.

I don’t really have anything specific to recommend, but I think there were a few recommendations here on the forums.
Good ones were about $60 or maybe a bit more.

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I was using a HDMI splitter that was high-specs capable to handle all formats but it revealed it doesn’t pass HDR10+ reducing it to HDR10.
Finally I have replaced my old AVR Denon to X2700H model which is HDR10+ compatible.

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Thanks for all the information.
It will be beneficial for many people that SBC and Media Player manufacturers release products with dual HDMI outputs.

AVRs, which may be enough for years, are given the way to the trash. As long as people in the world continue to consume like this, it is consuming itself, it is sad.

I think I can handle hdr for a while. Can you share the make and model if you don’t mind?

I was in a similar situation in 2019 when I bought my TV, it was between the Panasonic GZ950 or LG C9.
The C9 had HDMI 2.1 ports and features (including eARC) whereas the GZ950 didn’t, but had HDR10+,
in the end I bought the Gz950 and I’m happy I did.

As for what TV you should buy, I’m not sure. I had a quick search and if you’re a gamer it seems the LG is the TV to buy. The Philip’s TV is highly rated, it won “What Hi-Fi? Awards 2020”. Depending on where you live you may be better off waiting until November (Black Friday) before buying a TV, the previous years models tend to drop in price by a good amount.

One thing I will say is there aren’t a lot of HDR10+ physical releases and good amount of the releases tend to have Dolby Vision as well. When a disc has both I watch it in Dolby Vision (m2ts file on a USB drive with the Sony X700).

Here are two threads showing all HDR10+ and Dolby Vision releases.

HDR10+ 4K UHD releases:

Dolby Vision 4K UHD releases:

On a more positive note I’ve noticed Amazon seem to be releasing more and more HDR10+ films/TV shows.

As for splitters, I recommend the ezcoo HDMI 1 in 2 out splitter, I’m using it because my AVR (Denon AVR-X1600H) doesn’t support HDR10+. I was hoping Denon would update the firmware since it supports Dolby Vision but they didn’t. Amazon UK link:

I’ve been using it since last April and it works perfectly. I’ve just noticed the firmware has been updated a couple of times since my purchase.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention some users were reporting audio lag when using eARC, so that’s another thing to look into and consider.

I would sell this splitter to you because I have it in the drawer somewhere but I guess (looking into your nick) that we are not living in the same country :slight_smile:
The one what I was using for a half year is produced in Poland where I’m living:

Don’t know if it is available in other countries.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
After some research, all hdmi splitters are the usual suspect :slight_smile:
No one is 100% happy. But I don’t have the money to buy a new ARV and maybe I’ll never have a 4K-HDR+ capable AVR. When I buy a TV, I share my experiences and solutions here.

Hello again my friends,
I bought LG Oled CX series for TV. I want to thank you again for your TV recommendations, Fabulous…

I want to talk about the AVR-4K TV incompatibility.
I have connected all the HDMI connections to the TV, ARC and eARC did not work, zero sound, not even stereo. I had an optical cable I tried it, I have 5.1 sound Flat DD but it’s better than nothing. It works for Netflix.
There is an HTPC that I have not used for years, which takes up space on the TV stand. It looks like an amp, has a SilverStone case, and a 1050Ti graphics card.

I plugged the HDMI output of the HTPC to the TV and the DisplayPort to HDMI cable to the Sony STR-DH810 AVR. All formats like HDR and TrueHD, DTS-X work flawlessly with Kodi.
For now, the Odroid-N2+/CoreELEC duo will remain on hold. This makes me very sad, but I have no other choice.

I want to save some money and buy SHARC eARC Audio Converter. I think this converter will solve all my problems. There are commendable comments on AVSFORUM, which convinced me.

This is the situation for now… With health and happiness :slight_smile:

Congrats on the buy, LG OLEDs are great TVs.

You need AVR support for eARC to function at all. In addition, starting with the X series (ie. 2020 and newer models) do not support DTS at all, so you can’t passthrough any DTS formats through the TV.
You should still be able to get DD and DD+ if your AVR supports it.

@TheCoolest Thank you.
I’ve read a lot of posts and tutorials, tried a lot, I think it’s a problem with AVR I couldn’t get sound with eARC or ARC.
I have an optical 5.1 sound. I will continue with Optical connection for TV and Odroid-N2+.
I will use HTPC for BR Movies. For now, I will continue like this.

I don´t understand, because I use N2 + AVR + OLED 55" as may daily driver.
No optical cable, just HDMI and I can watch video & audio.

Maybee my way is to easy, don´t know :thinking:

His AVR doesn’t support 4K/HDR, so he can’t have the N2 hooked up to the AVR, as he won’t get HDR that way.

The very easy way is buying another AVR ?

That’s the easiest and most expensive option, but there are cheaper ways to get around this problem.

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Cheaper and more environmentally friendly. :smiley:
We are trying to find solutions with the materials we have.

The minimum wage in my country has fallen to the level of 300-400 dollars. Our currency is at a century low against the dollar.
In other words, I do not think of buying an AVR with the money that millions of people live on for a few months.
I can dream of a new AVR but for now it’s just a sweet dream.

There isn’t a cheaper solution.

  • eACR from TV to AVR doesn’t transmit DTS and other HD Audio formats
  • HDMI splitter probably doesn’t transmit HDR10+ output from N2 to TV (my splitter I used reduced HDR10+ to HDR10)
    Only solution for having HDR10+ and HD Audio formats is TV OLED 4K (my preference is Panasonic) and HDR10+ compatible AVR (my preference is Denon) - with those brands no issues even with CEC (there were problems in previous CE versions but amazing work done by devs now CEC works just perfect, so no additional remote is needed to control Kodi)

Since I haven’t tried the information I got in AVSForum, I can only tell you what I read and understood. " SHARC eARC Audio Converter" eARC transmits PCM multi-channel audio to AVR as LPCM over hdmi. Users of this device are satisfied.
So you are not multiplexing the hdmi output of the Odroid-N2. You convert LG TV’s eARC output to multi-channel audio and transmit it to the AVR. So there is no problem with HDR or HDR+ or DV. Your media player is already connected directly to LG TV.

If anyone is curious, if you don’t mind the CoreElec form, I will share the link of the relevant topic.


  • Correct.
  • The LG CX doesn’t support HDR10+, and CE doesn’t (and probably never will) support DV, so I don’t see it being a big issue.

@istanbulls sure.

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