Are Amlogic chips still being sold to China?

I don’t want to open up the obvious can-o-worms here but rather just understand what’s likely to happen? So we understand that a kind of ‘cold-war’ has started and semiconductors are apparently not going to be sold by the US to China! What does this mean for the future of TV boxes, especially those using Amlogic chips?

Obviously other chip manufacturers can be used but how will this affect such projects as CE? Perhaps the Amlogic chips are made in China and if so how would that work out?

Amlogic does not manufacture it’s chips, but outsources actual manufacturing. One of the main manufacturers is TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) so I wouldn’t worry about the future.

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Aren’t most of the boxes made in China though?

They also have a Chinese subsidiary called Amlogic Shanghai Co Ltd. There main market place for the chips is China so I think the supply is safe from the Donald’s tantrums.

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But China only have a 3% shareholding so no say or power really. I’m just wondering if manufacturing will stop in China, no chips, and start else where? Will the price of currently available boxes increase or decrease? I would expect it to take a while for other manufacturers to ramp up production which could mean a slow down in supply?

Anyway with all the chaos I doubt many people are looking to upgrade, err, except me! Thinking of getting one of these, any good?

You are speculating way to much. If Trump were really foolish enough to block imports of silicone from China then American life would grind to a halt since almost all silicone is fabricated in China.
the very idea that you could stop the flow of silicone out of china without destroying half of the American manufacturing sector shows how stupid Trump really is.
The reality is that if Trump pushes ahead with trade barriers it will means that all American goods which have embedded Chinese Silicone will have tariffs imposed and will jump in price and Americans will feel poorer. Not good for Trumps chances of a reelection.


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But if China have licenses pulled to produce chips then they can’t use/manufacture them either! Of course they produce fakes anyway but that could just up-the-anti and escalate a trade war of global proportions. I don’t want to get into the other stuff, politics, I’m just wondering about supply and demand.

So will box prices increase or decrease or is there no way of knowing?

China would just do what it already does in many cases, steal the intellectual property and carry on as normal.

As far as future pricing goes, I’ll speculate that because of the many crashes that we will inevitably see (unless somebody temporarily changes how world economies work) then I expect to see massive hikes in prices, because manufacturers and retailers will have the perfect excuse to do so (falling profits, reducing redundancies etc) and the way that interest rates will be affected, hikes will be seen as a temporary necessity (which will last longer than promised) and those whose profit forecasts have been hit will see a justification to turn them around before the end of the financial year.

Because manufacturing has been hit hard, demand will also mean that second hand values will rise for a while too.

So if you are going to buy something, I would say buy it now because I predict anything up to 50% higher pricing for tech before the summer is out, and that is if relaxation of restrictions continues. I shudder to think what is going to happen if we have another lock down.

But as Shoog says, not really worth overthinking, especially as we are talking about desired purchases, rather then necessary.

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Yes I would tend to agree with your summery based on my limited knowledge.

How about that H96 Max, any good? I’ve recently upgrade from my old MXQ’s so I can play 10-Bit files. I bought a couple of second hand boxes which are great but I’m thinking of getting something more powerful than the s905/x as my ‘main driver’.

I will probably install to internal but would like the dual boot option but am yet to figure out how to do that. I used the ‘installtointernal’ via SSH for my second hand boxes and that all worked out fine but I didn’t get the option to keep Android. Is there a ‘how to’ on here about this?

Also is there a better box than the H96 Max in the £40 to £50 price range? Would go for a SBC but I’m not techie so want to keep it simple-as and they tend to be more expensive.

Thanx for any help/advice. :upside_down_face:

People are having reasonable and consistent results with the X96 Air and its dirt cheap.


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This one? Not sure about the clock, can it be disabled?

There is a whole thread on this box.


Apparently it suffers from thermal issues but I’ll do a bit more research if I decide to go for a new box.

what everyone knows that mostly fresher migrants from Europe and Asia are responsible for majority of the US progress :wink: China now leads in technology and Russia in weaponry … wake up :slight_smile:

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