Are these "features" currently, or planed?

All files played via 1gb Ethernet, and/or attached storage.

  1. Display forced subtitles in MKV & ISO
  2. Correct Menus in ISO’s, as the original BD
  3. Seamless branching in ISO–keep the order correct and no stuttering when switching
  4. HDR to SDR 2020 from an mkv rip, it looks like HDR to SDR is working in the latest Stable, but does that mean SDR 2020?

I understand 3D will never be implemented and multi channel DD Atmos and the DTS version are converted to PCM currently and perhaps never be implemented as pass thru because of the SoC.

Forced Subs work in MKVs if you are having problems make sure your SUBs are flagged as forced using mediainfo. You can flag them as forced using MKVTools.

  1. This is a Kodi thing.
  2. We currently don’t have java, which is required for BD menus.
    I believe that @vpeter is working on something that may make it possible.
  3. This depends on the hardware basically. The N2 can map HDR to SDR 709 on the fly.
    What’s the point of SDR 2020? It’s not in any spec for video anyway.

3D MVC is not planned. None of us have a 3D TV, and the interest in it from users is pretty low.
All HD audio formats can be bitstreamed, DD Atmos and DTS:X are both supported. I don’t think you can convert object based audio into LPCM.

I missed putting a 4 in front of the HDR to SDR 2020–sorry. So 3 & 4 are 2 different unrelated questions.
3. Does the current CoreElec do Seamless Branching without stutters? This and others may be a Kodi problem, as you indicated #1 was also, but it works for ffimon.

  1. A big reason for HDR to SDR2020 is with projector owners who will not have enough brightness to even approximate HDR, yet have a gamut capable of displaying much more color depth than 709. I have a Panasonic 820 4k BD player which has a built in HDR to SDR 2020–so I get MUCH more than 709 with my JVC RS600 (X950R).

I had read here before about 3D not being possible because of the SoC, but I wanted to mention it in case a noob like me happens to find this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks ffimon–I was hoping it did. Often time there are a few commernts in a foriegn language and it’s nice to have the tranlation of those. ie the beginning of The Hunt for Red October. I have used MKVtools to correct the time Forced Sub files.

3D is just nothing anyone has right now on the Team. There is a reason it is canceled.

Higher saturated colors require higher luminosity. Simply over-saturating something will not produce a better looking image.
In any case, we are not going to touch the existing HDR to SDR maps. The existing setup is designed to map from HDR to SDR 709. So there’s nothing that can be done to change it.

You don’t normal have to re-mux the whole file you can normally get away with using the header editor which is much quicker.

Your team has certainly done a great job putting together the Media Server for the N2. Perhaps you are trying to warp this project up and enjoy your well deserved holiday shortly—but:

I must disagree a bit with your “Higher saturated colors require higher luminosity.” I notice NO drop in brightness when I play Planet Earth via my Panasonic 820 using HDR-SDR BT2020. The colors are much deeper—which is why we have UHD. Changing from HDR to SDR BT2020 enables the use of the wider gamut but also drops the need for the high level of light Oleds produce.Users of projectors need to have the HDR to SDR conversion because of light output is not even close to Oleds. But recent projectors also contain WCG (Wide Color Gamut chips)–so BT2020 can be displayed, and again with no drop in brightness. Hopefully one of your team members has a projector and can provide more info to you.

I’d like you to reconsider HDR to SDR BT2020, a much newer gamut vs the older Rec709, now almost obsolete for playing 4k on UHD TVs.
Thanks again for your work,

None of us have a projector. And I doubt any of us actually understand how the current HDR -> SDR mapping works exactly, so changing it makes no sense, when you don’t know what you are doing.
In addition, most of the users who actually use HDR -> SDR, don’t use a WCG projector, but a SDR TV.
I do understand your request, but I’m sorry to say that it is very unlikely that we are going to change the defaults provided by Amlogic.