Arte concert

Hello from France ,
I have a question ,in Europe we have a TV chanel called Arte ,this TV chanel have also internet page called Arte concert ,on this page are more then 500 concert all music style ,its completly legal and coast nothing ,the concerts can be look from everybody …

IS there a way to have acces to this page with coreelec ? I Would be very happy if this is possible :smiley:

I post the link to Arte concert here (Hope this is not a problem with forum rules) ,as i said Arte concert is legal and free …
@Portisch maybe you can help me ?

Thank you

I think this is it? Add-on:Arte Concert - Official Kodi Wiki

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I prefer the add-on from Kodinerds repo, Arte+ or Arte.

Big thank you ,i go try this :ok_hand:

I have try this but the normal Arte ,need to search to mutch for found the concerts …but thank you :wink:

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