Artwork on sd instead of emmc

I’ve coreelec installed at emmc on my odroid n2, my movie collection is rather large and the artwork would be larger than my 16gb storage.
Can I buy a larger sd card and point all artwork there instead? if possible - how? also would I loose out on performance?

Sure, you just need to make a symbolic link to the location on the emmc. I don’t know the location of the artwork on the disk, so I will use /storage/roms as example.
Label your sd card partition. This makes it easier to find (eg GAMES). It will show up in the filesystem as /var/media/GAMES.
ssh into the device, and run the following:

mv /storage/roms/ /var/media/GAMES/
ln -s /var/media/GAMES/roms /storage/roms

Thank you, but this will not make new stuff to store on sd, just the existing right?

It moves the existing data onto the sd card, then links the directory to the new location. Any new files written to that directory will go to the sd card.

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