Asian subtitle show %lrm; letter in Netflix addon at COREELEC 9.2.1

Your Environment

  • CastagnaIT Netflix add-on version: <1.0.0>
  • Operating system version/name: <COREELEC 9.2.1>
  • Device model: Tanix TX9 Pro NAND installed

Used Operating system:

  • [V] Linux

Describe your help request

Thank you for your good forum.

I used COREELC 9.21 at Tanix TX9 Pro NAD installation wiht Netflix Add-on oft CastagnaIT

Asian subtitle add %lrm; letter in Netflix at COREELEC running.
That Add-on for Android & Windows works very well.

I Conatac to CastagnaIT owner.
He reply that problem is not Netflix AddOn

If you revise the COREELC,
Please correct this problem.

Thanks you again for COREELEC.

This is not a CoreELEC problem.
It could be related Kodi/Skin/Subtitle font you chose.
Test it with same settings (kodi version, skin and subtitle font) on Android or another system and see if it’s still reprodcued.

i had the same problem with Netflix addon…no luck changing font… but after the Kodi update to 18.6 in CoreELEC nightly build this problem with subtitles disappeared

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Same add-on works very well in android & windows with KODI 18.6.
Netflix Add-On producer said it may be related with KODI or streaming addon.

Some people said COREELEC nightly version works well.(It base on KODI 18.6)
KODI 18.6 version works well in every OS but 18.5 version show this phenomenon.

Thank You.

It’s possible that Kodi 18.6 has new fonts that support the language.
Test with our nightly, and see if it works.


I Test COREELEC nightly.
It works very well…

KODI 18.6 solved problem.
I wait COREELEC Stable version.

Thanks again.