Audio and video losing signal

When I’m watching some UHD ISO movies, my X92 is loosing the audio/video signal to my receiver.

I disabled the CEC and now the problem is a little bit less frequent, but it continues happening.

When I open the log, I got some messages when the problem happens:

ERROR: CAMLCodec::AddData: packet to big: 515507, probably corrupted
ERROR: Previous line repeats 214128 times

This kind of error appears a lot and I have this problem in almost all my ISO.

I’m using the CoreELEC 8.95.7 with audio passthrough, HDR and automatic resolution change.

Do you guys know how to solve it?


Can you try a direct connection from your X92 <> TV and see if the problem persists.

It might also be worth trying another HDMI cable.

As HeressJohnny said, it’s very likely to be a bad HDMI cable.

I will try another hdmi cable and then post here the results.