Audio Passthrough compatible chipsets (DTS-HD, True HD, Atmos, DD)

Hi, I was wondering which are the best/most compatible chipsets to look in a box if my main requirement is to have audio passthrough via hdmi to output atmos, dts-hd, true hd and others to a compatible AVR.

They all work exactly the same for passthrough, starting with the now old and very outdated S905 series.

still, a simple search of “audio passthrough” on the forum shows there’s a lot a problems with hd audio pass with various boxes, so I don’t know which are the most stable for this, even if most are “compatible”

“Compatible with what?”
seems like a reasonable question here…

From my experience,
S905, S905X, S912, S922 are all “TrueHD/DTS-HD passthrough compatible” via HDMI to DENON AVR, for example… :sleeping:

You are wrong, read carefully

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Sorry my mistake.