Audio runs out of sync (s905x3, netflix, hyperion-ng)

So let’s post this here because it doesn’t get better (actually feels worse) with the 19.x updates.

My hardware setup didn’t change and netflix+hyperion-ng was just running fine on my x96 max+ box. Somewhere with a upgrade to 19.x the audio starts to get out of sync after some time - actually it looks like the video is lagging and played slower. Looking at cpu usage I can see that one or two cores are under full load. This happens not only with 720p material but even when only using SD :warning:

So I wonder what to do. Downgrading back to a ce version lower than 19. doesn’t make sense as support for netflix was dropped already.

Not sure what the cause of all this is but it looks like the newer CE/Kodi versions are more resource hungry that the past ones? (Just in case I also disabled wifi completely and tested with ethernet only → same results)

Some cpu usages: Idling in the kodi addon menu:

playing 720p netflix video:

playing 720p netflix video with hyperion-ng addon disabled:

video lagging behind audio :slightly_frowning_face:

I also tried with subtitles disabled but still lagging :sob:

playing SD (5xxp) netflix video with hyperion-ng addon disabled:

looks like the lag isn’t that extreme but still not in sync :expressionless:

Software decoding !

I know (always on ce :wink: ) but it just bugs me that it worked flawlessly in past versions of ce/kodi

is also software decoded!

Not true, support is still going on for Leia same as is for Matrix; last update 7 days ago…

I had a very similar problem with the X96Air box (netflix, 720p, Hyperion, kodi 18). The problem turned out to be poor cooling of the box - using a heatsink from a raspberry and changing the paste on the processor, a few holes in the box solved the problem.

I remember the author himself actually announced the “end of development” for kodi 18 before kodi 19 (matrix) was even released:


The add-on version 1.12.0 will be the last add-on feature update for Kodi 18.x

What means, what you should expect now on Kodi 18.x ?

  • Only critical updates will be applied (so bug fixing or minor changes to restore add-on functionality)
  • Critical updates that require too much work to the source code will not be done directly from maintainer, but a backport (from master branch) made by other developers can be accepted
  • The backport of new features or changes in the existing features developed in the add-on for Kodi 19 version, could be accepted only if they are maintained by other developers, the maintainer will not provide support to fix any side effects or backporting errors

Why this choice by the maintainer
Maintaining the add-on on two platforms (Kodi 18 and Kodi 19) and support all users on both platforms, takes a lot of time of work, in the meantime, development of a new platform is about to start (Kodi 20) which will add a further weighting to current maintenance.
To lighten the whole management it is necessary to clean up the code and support only the new generations of Kodi based on Python 3.

The Release Candidate 1 of Kodi 19 will be released soon, this release will almost definitively establish what will be the final version of Kodi 19. There are many different systems using Kodi, some are still late in getting ready for Kodi 19, other systems will take a long time to achieve Kodi 19 (like on RPI), but who has the chance, start try switch to Kodi 19 when will be released.

I might need to give a look at thermal data when running all the goodness…
still it would not explain why it all worked :tm: with coreelec/kodi18 on the identical hardware :thinking:

You should lookup the meaning of “development” and “support” to not mix those two things with completely different meanings.

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