Audio stream none

Good friends I realized that I have a problem with some live TV audio channels! (hadn’t noticed before)
There are 3 or 4 HD channels without audio.
In the settings I get such a message: audio stream none.
I’m using the @cdu13a NG version, Box KI Pro, DVB-S2.
I made several changes to the settings without results.
Is there a document I can provide to help, if yes please tell me how.

Check this with Kodi 18.8 on PC or Android. If it still reproduces, it’s a Kodi issue, not CE.

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You are right! Your tip was perfect.
I installed kodi on my linux and had the same problems with audio.
I will check in another box with another firmware which audio format is used.

I know it’s a topic for another topic!
I tried to build Coreelec with the most recent commit and I have errors.

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