Audio switching strange behavior

First of all, I want to thanks to all the developers and community for this great project.

My configuration:
Android box Tanix tx3 mini board version 1.3 with 2gb of ram.
Onkyo ave tx-nr656 with latest fw and a 5.1.2 speaker config.
Latest coreelec with audio passtrough.

My issue is simple, when I am viewing content with dolby truehd, it works perfect including Atmos.
But if the next content is just DD, DD+ or pcm I have no sound. If the next content is truehd or any kind of DTS it works flawless.
To solve this I need to restart coreelec. I don’t know if this issue is some config of mine or bug in the CE.

If I use Kodi on my computer I have no issues like this.
It’s possible to be some missconfig I have?

No one to give a reply about this?

The issue is known and should be fixed at least in Amlogic-no in future.
It’s a Alsa card config issue.

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