Audio sync issue with some content on FX channel

Currently running 9.0.0 on a C2, though I’ve noticed for a while now that sometimes after a commercial break watching FX using liveTV that the audio and video will be far out of sync. If I skip back a few seconds, it fixes itself. I finally managed to capture a small sample that demonstrates the issue and that is reproducible:

sample video

Playing back on my PC with mplayer, there seems to be a problem spot around 10 seconds in when the commercial changes:

[ac3 @ 0x7fd60b3a18c0]exponent -2 is out-of-range
[ac3 @ 0x7fd60b3a18c0]error decoding the audio block

Playing back the same sample file on an RPi with Kodi 18 doesn’t exhibit the problem, so the issue appears to be specific to amlogic decoding. Since the TV stream is coming from my cable provider and/or FX, the real issue may be with the data in the stream but I’m hoping the problem can be worked around since it plays fine using mplayer and on RPi.

Just tested your file using my H96 Pro H3 S905X and confirm same playback issue with this MPEG 2 file.
I then went into Settings/Player Settings/Videos and under processing / Accelerate MPEG2
I selected Never .
After that, Playback was perfect. Something to try until Devs look at it.

Thanks for the confirmation!

It’s not the worst thing to skip back a bit the few times it happens during a movie. Hopefully something not too hard to work around with hardware acceleration.

Anyone else reproduce or look into this?