Auto play nex episode does not work

Hi guys
I have noticed that in the Leia build the auto play next episode for TV series (after having enabled it in “player” settings of course) does not work. Also the OSD “next” button does not work also.
In krypton it was working perfectly. Is there anything special to do?

Even though these are now beta releases, they are not final so some thing are inherently broken upstream. Have you tried the nightly?

Thanks @anon88919003 for your reply. I checked again in player settings and it turned out I needed to enable “episode” to make the player pick up the next episode in TV series. Honestly I cannot say to be sure it was not needed also in krypton, but I really don’t remember to have set this “episode” in Kodi 17.x. Anyhow it works :slight_smile: