Autofs for CoreELEC

Hi there, Thanks for bringing CoreELEC on Odroid N2 working great!!!

Since we have docker support, It will be nice to have autofs support.

Exemple: Sonarr Docker can access and wake up a nas with autofs support.

Kernel configuration is already supporting autofs, only the package is missing.
Thanks in advance.

I was using systemd auto mount:

Yup but when nas server is offline, it’s not unmounted, plus you cannot add a script like autofs to send a wol packet when à trying to access the directory.

Edit= There seems to have a timeout option, I will tryout to see if it work and I can add an action.


thanks @vpeter I achieved to Autoumount with systemd and also run a Wol script via systemd socket, forward some traffic. But honestly, it’s a pain in the a… when you try to do it! Autofs is so simple!

If anyone interested, I can make a small How to.

I think you should consider adding autofs support, as it light and already in the kernel config. And really useful, especially for N2 and it’s power to run multiple dockers.

Hi I´ve changed my server to Asustor AS6510T. With Coreelec nfs and cifs is very slow working. I must wait ~80 seconds to open a big folder… I also have Vero4K with autofs connected and everything is working fine (better=faster). Could you please integrate autofs or help me to fasten up my nfs/cifs connection? I have a N2+

Sorry, now everything works. I have set up NFS manually, I think that was the problem. :slight_smile:

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