Automatic backup

Good to know. I thought, it would be the whole /storage partition. Having only the folders you mentioned in the backup makes much more sense, of course.

@bubblegum57: Are you using the integrated backup function or an own script?

I just use the integrated backup

A simple routine of backin up before an upgrade or major addon install should be more than adequate for almost any use case. Loss of databases and thumbnails is simply a none issue since they will be recreated within hours of a recovery install.

Fuss over nothing.


looks like there is a huge demand for this feature :slight_smile: I’d help you but I deal just with numbers at work saying IT what to create :smiley:

But at least the backup could remember the last used folder for the backups, please.

Everything is here for anyone to Automate Backup.

Don’t repeat and bang on requesting it as a FEATURE.
All you’ll be doing is making NOISE

calm down…

Two people hardly represents a huge demand.

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Too much emotions in this topic.
I think, everyone involved made his point and there is nothing more to say.
If the devs see a point in this request, it will be implemented, otherwise someone else needs to create a separate addon for this.



Totally agree. If you want the job done right - do it yourself! :+1:

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