AVR & change vol

I have a problem that I can not change the sound level from the ِAVR Pioneer or remote of the KIII Pro if the sound passes through
also when i select audio with hdmi and reboot device i have return to analog audio

There is also a problem with sound cutting when watching Internet broadcasts

You have just answered your own question, you can not change the volume from the device if you have pass-through enabled.

i mean : con’t change from both remote : AVR & KIII

other device i can change wirh remote AVR when i have pass-through

If you can’t change your AVR’s volume with your original AVR remote, you obviously have a problem with your AVR.

i can change AVR’s volume with other input … no issue

also my kiii with system android = working !
only con’t with coreelec system

fixed by change setting for AVR …
i set off for SONOS Work input