Back up on new box

I wont to update my android box

Is it possible to set a back up back from Coreelec on a different box?
So i have all my settings back.
Our is this only works on the box where the backup is made from?

Should work flawless. I’ve done it several times already.
But you get the best results, when both boxes are using the same CE version.

The CoreELEC backup utility should do the trick:

CoreELEC Configuration / System / Create System and Kodi Backup

Save to USB Flash Drive.

Restore Backup to get your settings back from USB.

Before starting a backup, I would recommend to ensure CoreELEC and its add-ons are up to date.

To save space, one could clear package and temp folders, and app caches, and clean the video and music library.

Oké thanks save a lot of work
It’s a box with different hardware so the dtb file. For example is not included in the back up?

You need to install as if on a new box with fresh install and then do a restore from the backup already created.

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No, .dtb file is not included. Backup includes all your addons and settings so it can be used across different boxes.
Btw, I had 5 different boxes and with new one always used backup from the older one. It always worked for me…