Bad performance on X96 Max (S905x2)

Hi all,

I have trouble with the x96 Max Box. First of all coreelec (9.2.1 final) himself works fine, remote control also.
I use the offical Plex addon on this Box, to connect my Plex Server in the local Network. My problem is, the performance in the Plex addon is really bad. It takes up to 20 sec. to show the menu of my TV-Shows. Ihave to exactly same coreelec config on a S905x device, here it works fine, the TV-Shows menu open prompt. The only one different is, on the “old” s905x device i have intall coreelec on internal storage.
Is it possible to install coreelec on the internal storage on the S905x2 device? installtointernal doesnt work.

Many thanks.

Won’t make the slightest bit of difference installing on internal but lookup ceemmc if you want to do it anyway.

Does not work, i tried it and it just keeps failing, as for performance mine seems to run fine.

Someone on the forum mention a Plex type video addon called Composite. I installed it on my X96 Max+

Thanks for your awnsers.

I have already tested the Plex composite, it works but its very unconfortable and not what i searched.

I have test the same scenario on a s905x2 with 1Gbit Network and on a S905x3 with the latest nightly. On both Devices the same performance issue. When i boot the s905x Device from SD Card, i have the same issue, from internal memory it runs fine.
The only way to fix the issue is to install it on internal.
Are there any possible way, to install it on internal space on a S905x2 Device?

Many Thanks