Bash related features not working

Hi - trying to run a script with certain bash related features like array. no matter how I execute the script, it simply fails with errors like “… declare: not found”. Is it not possible to use real bash on CE? obviously, the same script works just fine on full linux.

CE is using Busybox ash which has limited functions. That’s why you can’t use some features from bash.

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thanks - that’s unfortunate to hear. do you know if there is some other way to use full bash - opkg maybe? running an alpine docker container just for this has been a bit too much.

Entware probably have full bash.
The other option is to make bash package and build the program. Then script could be run with it (I was doing this long time back).

heh, thanks for the tip. i will see if it would be easier to just modify my script to not use array instead. anyway, thanks again!

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