BBC Radio using iPlayer WWW addon

I’ll ask here first. Simply put, nothing plays when selected. In Kodi 18.9 on my android phone it works.

I know the developer asked someone on the Kodi team to test a change to make this work before it was released to the latest version. It worked, so the version was released.

This makes me think that it could be a tweak is needed in CoreELEC. Could a friendly UK based CoreELEC developer take a look please?

Edit Just realised I should tell you I’m on latest nightly Kodi 18.9 on odroid N2.

Sorry if I’ve wasted anyone’s time. It is the addon. Setting streaming to HLS in the addon brings the radio streams back to working but the addon needs to use DASH for Inputstream adaptive to get HD TV playback. I’ll take this up on the Kodi forum.

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