BBR as TCP congestion control algorithm (for -ng builds)

BBR is developed by google for “significant bandwidth improvements, but also lower latency”. Especially the bandwidth improvements could help streaming media. It’s available in the linux kernel since version 4.9, so should be usable for -ng builds.

Checked that it’s not there right now:

Kodi:~ # sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control
net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control = cubic reno

To the devs: Kernel settings needed for it are CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BBR=y and CONFIG_DEFAULT_BBR=y

Can you please open a pull request and test if Amlogic-ng is still compiling? I promise to take a look sooner this time :shushing_face:

@Portisch I would love to do that but am not sure where the kernel config files are located. I had a look at but can’t even locate the folders it’s looking for.

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Thank you and done: :slight_smile:

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