Beelink GT King Dual Installation Problem


I have the Dual Boot Option With Android and Coreelec,

When I’m on Android and try switch system, I keep getting the Android Recovery Screen and the only way I can boot to Coreelec is to put the sd card in and it will boot that when I restart.

Not sure what’s causing the problem

I can boot into CoreELEC from emmc, it’s just when I go into android and try booting to CoreELEC from there. I have to use the reset button with a sd card to do it.

Did you try a normal reboot from Android? Does it boot back to Android or CE?

Boots back to Android.

If I use the Switch System on Android. It goes to the Android Recovery Screen.

Did you install the Beelink dual boot firmware or did you use the normal firmware and then used ceemmc to install CE to internal?

I used the Ceemc tool

Which Android version firmware is installed? Will try to replicate.

Okay, seems to be okay now. Shut down android and now it will auto boot to CoreELEC. Must be that switch system option caused something

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