Beelink GT King II Android build

Hi Team

Just taken ownership of a new GT King II box and i’m keen to test CoreElec on it, however having read about the Amlogic-ne builds I’m not sure if there’s availabilty for me to test a nightly build on the box as i know they’re still currently under development until Github release.

Slightly noob question but am I right in assuming that the -ng builds won’t work on this device (just the orginal GT-King Pro?)


Yes, -ng builds do not work

Okay, thanks for confirming…happy to wait till the -ne builds are available for testing again.

Beelink gave beta software in the forum. In the Android part, some problems seem to have solved.

I tried to contact Beelink about CEC. They need to define CECB in their bootloader source:

Otherwise CEC items like ARC is broken after resume from suspend. Maybe they fixed it already?

Thanks Crazyturk.

Do you think it’s worth updating this? - I’ve been running the latest NE nightly on the box for a couple of days and haven’t had any crashes so far. CEC works well from shutdown to reboot commands with my Samsung TV remote. No issues with any movie files played via NFS shared NAS.
Haven’t tested everything yet but so far so good.


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