Beelink GT-KING PRO - Best SD card for booting CE


Which SD card do you recommend for a quick booting CE ?

Thank You.

I was using Sandisk Extreme Pro Micro SDHC 32GB, very fast sd card with 100/90Mb/s transfer speed.

If I buy a card with a reading greater than 100 mb /s, CE boot time will be faster ?
Example : SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDXC 64GB 170/90 MB/s.

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Thank You.

I found that, booting speed was the same when using sd card and eMMC. Maybe because of limited speed of card reader in GT-King. I don’t know how fast is card reader in GT-King PRO but if it will not limit the sd card transfer speed, booting time should be faster.

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Do you think this model ( SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDXC 64GB 170/90 MB/s ) will be compatible with the Gt King Pro? I am trying to buy.

Thank You.

According to this video: ROM speed is lower than sd card you want to buy. I don’t think card reader in GT King PRO would be faster than ROM speed. In my opinion it waste of money to buy faster micro sd card since it will be limited by hardware.

If I’m wrong, please someone correct me.

Thank You.

Go for an uSD card that is tested and works fast on your box, because all speed increase you’ll possibly get is a couple of seconds during boot, and possibly erratic behavior in every day use.
Keep in mind that not all uSD cards are fully compatible with all boxes.
Usually the newest/fastest uSD card don’t work well in pretty outdated controllers found on Chinese boxes.

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