[Beelink GT-King Pro S922X-H] Multi audio possible?


When playing sound on Android - no problem (GT-KING has dual system boot), I have both sound outputs - HDMI and headphones jack at the same time.
Tried all sound options at CoreELec to get the same, but only one output device is active at the same time - analog or digital.
How to get multi audio on CoreElec - analog output and HDMI at the same time?

Thanks for any help,

It’s not possible with the way the sound system works in CE.

I tried to get it done with PulseAudio. Something like:


Why it is not possible to use module-combine-sink in PulseAudio to get two sinks at the same time?

Not sure about PulseAudio, but the way that the audio driver is implemented only allows it to output to 1 device, there is no loopback.

I just noticed on Gearbest website that they advertise GTKing Pro together with android/coreelec dual systems. Got your logo an everything.

I was just wondering if developers have a comment on this - do they have your permission?


Beelink do seem to be a CE supporter.

Go to https://coreelec.org/ and click on Supporters to see them all.

They are selling the box and they advertise the CE OS on SD Card as a Gift
Not selling the CE OS Commercially.