Beelink GT King stock firmware download links

Hey Guys,

I would like to restore the stock FW of my GT King. Unfortunately the official Beelink servers are down. Could anyone give a link to a mirror? The latest official is 915P0_WOL. My serial begins with SA9XH…

I used my box with coreelec on internal storage, made several updates from 19.2 through 19.3… The update from today to 19.4.rc1 destroyed the installation (not able to mount label=…) but I can still boot CoreElec from SD-Card.

Thank you in advance!

Boot from SD card, enable SSH and type command in ssh terminal

fatlabel /dev/CE_FLASH CE_FLASH

and it will be alive again.

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Beelink stock drivers and firmware.

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got it, thanx! works.

Thank you! I know, but the links are down :frowning: as I mentioned.

Links are working. 918p0_wol_bt 'Links up to this firmware are working.

I do not have a GT King, I just wanted to help.
But link is down here too.

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You can also install the Orbsmart S86 Pro software. Has been tried.
Update per SD-Karte / USB-Stick:
Download 917P0
Anmerkung: Installationsanleitung im Downloadpaket enthalten. Ausschließlich mit dem Orbsmart S86 PRO kompatibel.

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The latest official
926P0 2022-01-06 1.41GB
This firmware is suitable for GT-King with SN code starting with C92X, SA9X, SB9X, 6B9X. The file contains a complete firmware package and an SD card incremental package.

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Hello. I bought a Beelink King GT Pro from the 6B9H series, but unfortunately someone installed an android TV in it. I would like to go back to the factory software. Could any of the forum members send me a link to the latest available software for this device along with instructions on how to install it using an SD card? Thank you greetings.


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See if this works.

Beelink gt king pro925po

Or you could try out this slimbox rom based on the 925po with a ugoos mod (by far the best launcher around imo)

I have this running in dual boot with CoreElec to internal emmc with great results on this box.

Thank you for your help. The system works fine.

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sizinle nasıl iletişime geçebilirim acaba. sizde de beelink gt king pro olduğunu öğrendim. aynı cihaz bende de var.

How can I contact you? I found out that you also have beelink gt king pro. I have the same device.

Where is the city?You can reach turkeyForum or Mach1 Forum

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