Beelink GT King with Bluetooth remote

I have been a Kodi user for many years, but never tried using Coreelec. I have just purchased the Beelink GT King and one of the features I was interested in was the dual boot to Android and Coreelec, with the ability to switch between the 2 via the remote control. I understand that these boxes can either be shipped with bluetooth of wifi (with dongle) remote controls, I have the bluetooth version. This works fine in Android, but does not work at all in Coreelec. I have read that bluetooth remotes are not supported in Coreelec, is this true? If it is I don’t understand why this box would be advertised as a dual boot device but shipped with a remote which only works in one of the OS’. I have Coreelec set to auto update which it did when it first booted so I assume I have the latest version?
Appreciate any advice on if its possible to get the remote working in Coreelec, or do I have to use a wifi one.

You need to pair remote in CoreELEC manually. But this step is needed again after switching to Android and go back to CoreELEC.

We tried to make this work automatically but we had limited success. Mainly because no one understand how BT works on Android to help us.

How do I pair it?

In Kodi go to System, CoreELEC, Bluetooth, find device, pair.
You also need to enable Bluetooth if maybe disabled under Services, Bluetooth, Enable Bluetooth.

So I need to connect a keyboard every time I want to use Corelec to set up the remote that comes with the device? If that is the case this really is not very satisfactory and I would have much preferred the wifi remote which is what I thought I would be getting with the box. I think I will have to get onto Beelink and ask them to switch it. Thanks

We can’t do miracles.

And there is no wifi remote: it is RF with it’s own USB dongle.

I meant the RF remote with Dongle, sorry wrong terminology, but at least that would work in both Android and Corelec wouldn’t it?

Yes, this one just works :frowning:

Which is why I don’t understand changing the RF remote which works with both systems to a bluetooth remote which doesn’t???

Bluetooth devices are paired. The pair info is stored, so think of it as pairing with two different devices.

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