Beelink GT1 - HDMI CEC causing issues

Hello All,

first of all, thank you to the developers for the amazing work in doing CoreElec, such a great system!
I properly installed the generic 9.2.8 with SD card on my GT1 ultimate “Fake ram”.

Everything works fine except the HDMI CEC which is causing a lot of perturbations in my system. I have a Denon receiver and a Panasonic TV to which I connect the Beelink, an Xbox and an Apple TV. The latter is the only source with CEC control active and it was working fine to turn everything ON & OFF until I started the Beelink…

I searched the forum and looked in Kodi peripheral settings, the LibCEC version is shown as “unknown” which seems strange to me. I tried enabling / disabling it but no effect.
I just want to completely disable the CEC, any thoughts?

Thanks and merry Christmas.

Maybe start here: CEC setting.

A log might also be handy :wink:

Please be aware:

CoreELEC 9 (Leia) End of Life Announcement

Thanks @Betatester :slight_smile:
I’ll check the links and provide you with a log as soon as I can.

I’ve looked into the settings as you suggested but the following ones are actually not visible at all :
Device OSD Name
CEC Wake-Up
Auto Power On
Streaming Path/Routing Change
Active Route
|CEC|||These settings only apply if the hardware supports it!|

Do I need to install something to get these settings or is it really because the GT1 hardware does not support it?

The only menu in which I could find CEC related settings is in Input>Peripherals.

About the EOL announcement, I understand and I’m actually looking for a replacement box on the forum in case I cannot troubleshoot these CES issues but it seems that there is no perfect solution from what I can read.


CEC is a complex issue, that is why the Wiki has a CEC Primer instead of a troubleshooter.

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Not supported and also EOL.

Yes S912, I was hoping to give it a second life with CE but i guess it won’t work as I expected. I can fully understand it is now considered obsolete.

Thanks for your replies. I read through the CEC primer and already learnt a lot. :wink:

I’ll probably look for an alternative CE box