Beelink GT1 Mini 2 Announced (Amlogic S905X3)

Beelink has announced their new S905X3 box which will replace their GT1 Mini (S905X2):

It hasn’t gone on sale yet but likely will within the next few days, there are benchmarks on this link too.

The specs say that the video decoder is AVE10, is the s905x2/s922x AVE9 or AVE10?

Has beelink offered Coreelec any GT1 Mini 2 boxes to add support for it?

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No one has offered us anything yet, and at the rate things are going right now, we may not accept it even if they do.

2GB ram 16GB rom version now available for pre-order for $67/£55/€60 delivered.

The 4Gb/64Gb model is around £64 elsewhere.

Looks a reasonably specced box apart from still being in the dark ages with a USB 2.0 port.

Supposedly Google Certified and with Netflix 4K support, so that probably automatically rules it out for CE if Android is to be the only manufacturer supported OS.

The price has now been dropped, you can buy the 2GB/16GB box for £45 delivered:

Beelink seem to gone away from LPDDR ram that was in the original mini. Cutting costs?

It’s not a bad price for what it is but I’d recommend waiting for another 7 days to see what the S922X device is that adamg said was coming out for €45, which from the SOC perspective, blows the S905X3 out of the water.

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That depends on whether it is just going to be a SBC or whether it will be an android box with case, remote and charger.

Indeed but still worth waiting a week to find out.


Does anybody know if has any on/off button or it is necessary to turn it on and off via remote control?


hi everybody, i don’t manage to turn the box completely off (led still on) using Kodi power off buton. I have to switch the power off and turn the power on to start coreelec for a new session. how to fix that ? thank you. i’d like to use the box like a simple android box . thank you for you help.