Beelink GT1 Mini & CoreELEC, Waking up after Suspended

Through shutdown options screen;

Power off system ’ - I’m able to wake-up with the units remote power button.

Suspend ’ - Waking is an issue. The unit LED power indicator/status light comes on, however the TV never boots. Using TV remote to power up screen, there’s no signal from that unit running CoreELEC on the used HDMI port, yet the unit LED power indicator/status light on the unit is however on. Have to force unit it to power down just to successfully power it up.

Also Using TV Power button to turn off TV and unit LED power indicator/status goes off, but waking it up exhibits same issue.

Using the latest Nightly build.

I am w/BL301 Injection applied. CoreELEC BL301 Wake-Up feature [inject_bl301]