Beelink GT1 Ultimate


for a friend im searching for am Mediaplayer.
Im using the Odroid C2. I like it, but the box dont have a WLAN include.

But i want for him, a “ready” Box.
So i find the Beelink GT1 Ultimate.

Have someone the box and can give me a Review?

I want to install Coreelec for him, Media (No IPTV an Sky/Amazon/… necessary).
The media will be on a external HDD. It will be mostly x265. Output, at this time, Beamer with Full HD. In future maybe a 4K Beamer.
A AV Receiver will be connected, so it is important, the box will be play DTS HD, DD HD,…
WLAN only for Updates.
Remote will be a Harmony Remote.

With regards,


I own 2 GT1 ultimate (one with real 3g, and one with fake ram, so 2g). I don’t use external HD (but It’s work), I play media from a samba share(windows 10) through gigabit lan.
No pb with 4k movies/x265/DTS-DD HD.
For DTS/DD HD you must use HDMI AVR, not working with optical connexion.

I keep multiboot :
_ CoreElec on SD card for media
_ Android for games with 2 gamepad

I use the box too, 3g real ram.
-play content from a nas through gigabit lan
-4k movies play fine
-x265 have sometimes micro shackles … don´t know why and not in all encondings
-for dts i use a avr with passthrough audio

CoreElec on Sd. Rom is a fine tuned firmware from freakttab …
For 30euro on gearbest , best buy ever