Beelink GTK installation questions

Reboot it? (unplug power if it’s stuck)

Is Aura definitely supported by Leia ?

Seems from scanning the Kodi Aura thread that its a common problem with Leia. Time to try another skin me thinks.


Hi! Which one is better/quicker to run system: use usb3, or quick sdcard in the sd slot , for CE installation in GT-King? Thank you

USB3 is faster, but runs hotter than uSD card.

Can i install coreelec to an external hard drive and boot from it

I don’t think I ever tried it, but it should work, since you can boot from USB.

rufus doesnt see hard drive

is there software i can use to install coreelec to a external hard drive


This is duplicated, already solved in other topic.

I have usb 3 pen with 90/70MBps and sd card class10 with 100/95 MBps ordered. Thats why I ask. When use the usb 3 pen, I will lost one usb port. I only want this just, when my sd card would be really slower to run CE. How can I decide? Measure the boot speed?

Yes, boot speed is an indicator, or system update speed, or copying big files to/from media to USB HDD…

Hi .Just installed it with dtb rev.a When I reboot from coreelec it starts in Android.Am I doing something wrong ?How do I boot in coreelec ?