Beelink GTK installation questions

im new and lust bought the new gt king and found out it doesnt recognize 4k in kodi now i find out that open elec does but what is it and will i still be able to use other apks on it or will it just be a media ceter i did flash the n2 image to ausb but dont know how to get it to boot on gt king

If you load CE onto an SD card it will only be a media centre when running off that card - but if you remove that card or use reboot to EMMC it will revert to Android.


For GTK use latest nightly from CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_2019MMDD-Generic.img.gz
Should contain both -ng and Generic words in name
And g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king.dtb should be copied from device_trees directory to the upper one and renamed to dtb.img

so i just add .img to end ?

No you have to take the specific dtb file and change it to the generic name of


so all u should see in upper directery is dtb.img

ok i got it now how to boot

All files that you have after image installation + dtb.img file
After that you can move it to box and start
This is how to install for old images:

how do u get bt king to boot from msd and also when i boot to coreelec will i be able to use other apks on it or will it just be a media center and how hard is it to switch back to regular gt boot sorry just a newbie

No, it not possible to use apk, it’s not android system… You could use Kodi addons and also entware to install some additional applications and services
To start CE you need to press reset button plug the power and release reset button as CE logo will appear.
Or from Android install terminal application and execute reboot update

how hard is it to switch back to regular boot after u boot to coreelec

Just pull out sd/usb card or execute via ssh rebootfromnand and reboot the box…
Don’t remember if this command also available in default skin for GTK

where do i find terminal application

Google play - > terminal emulator

i got it booted up and it shows 4k but no hdr

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@kow, if you TV and AVR(if you have it between) HDR capable? And do you try HDR and not HDR+ video?
Also check your TV… Additional info here:

i loaded aura skin and says cant build menu and is stuck on loading home menu screen what do i do

Please use this topic for your questions, and not the general 9.0.3 thread.

Install a skin that supports Kodi Leia.

how do i get off the loading menu screen