Beelink Mini MX - Hard drive random and slow!

Just asking before I start flashing other than original firmware, what would cause a hard drive to struggle spinning up, click and behave really slow and often freeze? I’m wondering if the HD controller is shot or if it’s something else?

It’s a standard 4TB Seagate drive which works fine on everything else. I’ve wondered if it’s getting enough power due to it struggling to spin up and clicking but these boxes use pretty much standard power supplies.

I suspect it’s a hardware issue but before I bin it I will try and force a Mini MX3 Rom onto it perhaps! The thing is it’s a really good video player nice sharp picture and all that but without the USN ports working it’s pants! Yes maybe use it just over wifi but not what I wanted.

Also drilled a bunch of holes in it and re greased the heat sink plate. The issue does seem worse if the box gets hot/warm hence my modding.

First thing I’d try, is usb memory stick.

Is 4TB powered? or is it portable.

Could try chkdsk or defragging.

I know you said it was working on everything else

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Yes works with sticks and a smaller SSD but still feels sluggish. Going to try and flash the original firmware but using the USB tool if I can find a firmware. Have card version but want to try it a different way and see if it makes any difference.

freaktab is a place to start looking for the firmware. freaktab has some custom firmware.


I think the card maker tool is easier to use that the burning tool

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This box is only equipped with USB 2.0, so it is expected to be extremely slow compared to other devices using USB 3.0 and up.