[beginner] does corelec have a package manager and could a desktop environment be installed?

Hello there,
I am very glad that a community like this exist, in previous openeleec or librelec I guess the developer didn’t supported S905y2 devices, but thanks to devs of coreelec this is possible.
I have a x96s usb dongle and would like to use it as a desktop because of the advantages it offers, portability and the low energy consumption.
I am sorry if I’m breaking any rules in this forum, but I would like to not use the KODI package and instead would like to tranform my s905y2 device into a ‘desktop computer’.
Does corelec support package manager and is it possible to install a desktop environment ?
I intend to use a tiling windows manager like i3 or dwm and keep it minimal with and use it browing the internet and working with office tools.

Have anyone tried before, whats suits best, what works, what’s the overall performance ?

As far as I know, the answer to your question is: no. The reason: amlogic devices use an incompatible desktop OS video hardware decoder.

It’s not possible with CoreELEC.
CoreELEC is a just enough OS for Kodi, there is no way to use it in “desktop mode”.
You can buy SBCs like Odroid’s and Khadas, which you can install Ubuntu on and use them as a desktop computer.

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