Best cheap hardware for 4K HDR Gigabit

Hello Guys,

today I have installed Coreelec on an Odroid C2 but I don’t have any HDR support, please could you recommend some cheap devices with the following requirements :

  • 4K + HDR
  • Gigabit port

I know that S905X/W and S912 can do it but I’m a little bit lost :frowning:

Thanks !!! :wink:

S905W/X has no gigabit lan. If you want it built-in then you should choose S905D, S912 or S922X.
Odroid N2 is a good choice if you pay the price of the newer generation processor.
If you are looking the cheapest, then S905X with a USB-gigabit adapter is your best bet.

Are there any S905X with USB3.0 ports?
Otherwise, the “USB-gigabit adapter” will NOT be fully utilized.
Still better than the embedded 100Mb LAN, but…

S905X with USB GB Adapter is fast enough to handle all kind of movies.

USB Gb will give you 300/180Mb, plenty for any type of content you can throw at it.

Odroid C2 with S905 has gigabit lan. Are you sure of this?

If he needs the gigabit lan for 4k HDR then the adapter gives more than enough bandwith.
@ozolli S905 is neither S905W nor S905X.

Unfortunately it is true. They took away gigabit for hdr.

That’s it, I need gigabit for playing 4K HDR content from a NAS over SMB.

@Pelican I am aware of this but wasn’t aware of the lan speed regression.

OK, so now I will search for a S912 in the “jungle” of the available model :smile:

I’ve used an adapter like this for over a year, it worked perfectly for playing high bitrate content on a S905X box.

If you are buying new, I would recommend odroid n2 rather than s912. It is much smoother.

But the price will not be the same, I found a S912 for 63$ and the N2 cost 131$ (french customer) :frowning:

If you want the best cheapest option, buy a S905X at $40 which can play 4K HDR remuxes just fine with 100 mbit, especially if you tweak buffering settings. If you want a more swift experience with skipping, buy an ethernet adapter and you have around 300 Mbit. I’ve plenty of S905X devices, none S912, and I’ve never faced any problems regarding playback of any 4K HDR media from an ARM server running Plex to my S905X devices.

$60 for a S912 which released three years ago and has it’s own issues compared to S922X is not my advice if you want a future-proof device and is going to use it for some years… So, S905X is the best option regarding price and S922X for value, given that you are going to have your device for 3-5 years

I have S905X, S912 and S922X and I don’t recommend the S912.

In France you can currently find Beelink GT1 Ultimate (S912, gigabit LAN, 3 Gb of RAM) for 54 € shipping included :wink:

(and it used to be 40 € a few months ago)

It is famous for the fake RAM series…isn’t it? :slight_smile:

If that’s the fake ram one it still has 2GB, which is plenty.
Having said that I’d go N2 or s905x with adapter. Reading forum threads has put me off the 912, it looks like a dead-end.

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to order this box, but in the end it’s a real 3 Gb RAM version.