Best coreelec tvbox 2021

Hi Coreelec forum members,

I like to ask a question.
I am looking around for a new tvbox on the net. My goal is of course
to install coreelec on it. But there is almost no info on the best hardware to use with coreelec. For example, I like this one:

Could it work?

The cpu is called ‘allwinner’ .

The description is as follows:

“The new Allwinner H313 is a SoC that would fit between the low-end Allwinner H603 chip and the superior Allwinner H616. This SoC has an internal design very similar to the Amlogic S905x…”

If not, please what tvbox is working best with coreelec in 2021 and has 2021 specs so I can use it a couple of years?
Some years ago I installed a X96 Amlogic S905 with coreelec box.
It gave some problems with drivers for remote pilot and other stuff, but the end result was not bad. Well at least for a couple of months when the thing broke because of poor design. The only problem was the hardware. Those adapters coming with the chinese boxes are terrible. Where should I look get stable decent set in EU?

Thanks for all help.

No. And also please search the forum;