Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

Never seen any grainy effect with DV. Must be your setup.

go and watch a few netflix’s dv movies and you’ll see what i mean ,or google it

It depends on the production. Film grain can be added as an artistic measure. I haven’t noticed any “defects” across many a DV source.

Yes, using extensive video processing like all sorts of mpeg/noise reduction and smoothing algorithms will give such result.
Normally, grain is present in all original analog material, to bigger or lesser extent in many digitally recorded material. Using various modern video processing can get rid of it, but (for me) it also then completely ruins the movie…


I’ve decided to take the plunge on a device that does DV as my N2+ seems out-dated. But I’m confused at the different versions. Is this the one I need:


Or is that geared up towards Dune and not CoreELEC?


Read this.

Thanks, I’m guessing the different processors won’t make a difference?

There is no differce. Same.

Thank you.

Diff forums around the world are complaining re Netflix pix quality ATM. On diff platforms.

In keeping with thread title

And disregard Dolby vision Atmos

Tanix TX5 Plus Deluxe Amlogic S905X3 4/32

On internal with dual Boot slimBox / CoreELEC


Thanks Team CoreELEC!!!

Most Excellent!!!

Happy Testing

@freddy As long as you keep in mind that Dolby Vision is one thing , Dolby Atmos is another thing and HBR audio is another thing

Of course
The point was a lot of talk about homatics n Dolby Vision.

True Dolby Atmos is expensive!!!

10000 users CoreELEC not all users have / use Dolby Vision True Dolby Atmos Audio.

Also as Thread Title suggests iam keeping with.

Tanix Box beats out other S905X4 Boxes only because there is No Write to Internal Dual OS.

Happy Testing

Just keep in mind that Tanix TX5 Plus is using S905X3 which won’t be supported in future CE21 releases (Restructure of CoreELEC device structure) . As far as future proofing, best to start looking at alternatives.

Thx for input
Testing 6 Machine with Various versions CoreELEC

Also there is backport currently inplace for S905X3 ?

In keeping with Thread Title Tanix is best of the 6 for 2022/2023

Happy Testing

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@freddy : a new thread for 2024 will probably be necessary as even now there isn’t perfect certainty on which SoC’s will be supported.

Agree only 4 months left in this year
Which has been Best Device/ Machine for you in 2022/23 ?

Happy Testing

We will see what kernel 5.15 does bring. AML does say it support G12B and SM1 as well, untested.

Also right now there show up S5, S928X(-J) on the market…

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As you I was also looking for a replacement for my old X96Air (s905x3).

I tested the new beelink gt king II (A311D2).
Very fast and good but does not support HBR audio yet and no Dolby Vision.

Since I have no need for Dolby Vision but I do have for Dolby Atmos and HD audio codecs with HBR I decided to try a ToX3 (s905x4) and it works great. Faster than old x96 but slower than beelink but with all support I need. And I can use my hd-ma and true-hd audio and Atmos

First of all thank you very much CoreELEC team. I installed your OS on a Banana Pi M5 some time ago and everything works charming out of the box, really great stuff. Also the documentation how to perform the installation is very useful.

Regarding the topic, for me the Banana Pi M5 is one of the best models in Mid 2023 to buy for CoreELEC and those are my reasons:

  • You can actually just buy it and get it in under a week…
  • Price point <90€ but still with GbE, USB3 and 4k decoding
  • It’s an development board, there is no vendor lock or situations you can’t escape
  • Supports many other scenarios as well once not needed as HTPC anymore

Before I had a Nexbox and stopped counting the hours I spend to get LibreELEC running, searching the forum for new (of course unsupported) firmware or translating Chinese websites to find a newer Android firmware. So happy I found and bought an alternative and that CoreELEC exists…

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