Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

My Khadas Vim is dying. What is the best box for Coreelec?
This is a good start to read…

That said, my Odroid N2 works very well with CE

Yes have to agree, you can learn so much from @WRXTASY.

My N2 has not missed a beat and you can throw anything at it and it will play without issues.

N2(+) for sure.

My S912 H96 Pro+ has also played everything without any issues but i wish the UI was higher FPS

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FYI: S905 and older and S912 (GXBB, GXM) is no good idea, the 3.14 Kernel is EOL!

Please focus on Amlogic G12*, SM1 or newer


I’d say the n2. Had mine 12 months and never skipped a beat.

Plus the removable emmc means its un brickable.


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s905x4 vs s922x Kodi: do you know which of the two chips allows better framerate on the Kodi interface ? (4K@60hz)

The S922 is a considerably more powerful chip than the S905x3 which really is no better at GUI than the lowely S905x2


The question was S905x4 vs S922x :wink:

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And my point is just as applicable to the s905x4. Codec support is the primary difference in all the s905 chips.

It a bit sad the excitement generated by these minor chip bumps.


No device. What is it my friend that you keep seeking this quest. Years ago you searched for 60fps at 4k now you want even more. In two years you want 240Hz at 8K. I would be more focused on video quality really. GUI is irrelevant.


Today the quality of video decoding is widely acquired. It is above all the quality of the production that will make the difference, as well as the screen used.

The graphical interface is the heart of the matter. We spend a lot of time there. It’s more pleasant when it’s fluid (60fps mini). Especially on an immersive image size (75 "). Engineers have understood this, which is why modern interfaces are at 60hz, sometimes even 120hz more and more. (Android, PS5, etc.) Your insinuations are false. My goal has always been a 4k image, with a stable and smooth framerate (6 years). Eye science has not changed. Refresh rate depends on object / pixel speed. 60hz seems to be the minimum acceptable for it to be smooth (Scrolling) ; 120hz will be perfect for my use. But 60hz will be largely adequate Currently the framerate is not stable 35-55hz (With Cover HD). Burk! Hence the need for a more powerful chip.

When we have 120 " screens, then yes, it will be necessary to be able to display 8k @ 60fps, and therefore even more power, No ?

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Thank you for your answers. So I will wait for a new S932x :smiley:

Not enough, in two years he wants 480Hz at 32K.
Don´t care about him, he always wants the ‘impossible’

What happens with those devices? how long do you think we will have support for S905? I am quite happy with my old old S905 device.
Can you elaborate what chip you are talking about (G12*,SM1?)

Totally! I for one am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of an immersive experience that my chipset delivers in terms of GUI performance.

I’ve found that after countless hours of trying to force myself to soldier on and live with it, I often just give up in despair and have to lower my expectations by resorting to simply watching a movie for entertainment…

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Chips like the S905 and S912 are officially at end of life as far as AMLogic and Coreelec are concerned. That means in practical terms that they are tied to out of date 3.14 kernels which are falling further and further out of step with current kernels on which Kodi depends. As such the current support will only extend to Kodi Leia on those chips and since that is now effectively at end of its development cycle the software is frozen and will not get altered unless a major bug is discovered.
The -ng Coreelec builds are based upon AMLogics 4.9 kernel which is still been supported by AMLogic. This means that anything that runs on 4.9 Kernel will continue to be supported and that includes the new Matrix Kodi. So if youi have any intention of running Kodi Matrix you will have to upgrade your hardware to something with at least an S905x3 or S922. As of now support for S912 is no longer offered though Leia still runs on this hardware.

These older chips have given stirling service but its over for them - the CE team can no longer dilute their efforts by continuing to actively support them.



Thanks for explaining.
Is there any list to see which amlogic device supports which kernel? There are a tons of Amlogic chips. S905x3, X4, S905W, S922 and what not.

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If a 4K @ 60 interface is impossible, it’s time to discover the world of smartphones … (and we’re talking about miniature objects, on battery…)