Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

You had your answer here. The answer is yes to both if you can reach someone that provides the dovi.ko module for the 5.4.210 kernel (like the one found in homatics)

If I get the dovi file how do I put it into the device does the dovi have to be for the device used or any

You can ask for helping the homatics thread.

I see reports that the ugoos am8 dosent support fel,which devices has fel support,I presume theve dropped it for the ugoos am6b aswell

What do you think about BuzzTV X5 64GB AI?
I thinking about to buy it. Does someone has it?
I would like to know, if it works well with coreelec. Or is better buy Homatics 4k plus?
I can buy X5 for 220€ and Homatics for 150€.
I can see one disadvantage of homatics, and that is no card slot and just 2xUSB. 1 USB for coreelec and another for my remote control. It is possible to use USB with coreelec to save some data in Kodi?

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The AM6B+ S922XJ plays/supports FEL. I think you can blame amlogic for not supporting FEL with newer chipsets/processors or whatever they are called.

Encoding with DoVibaker is the best path forward or use a Sony Blu-ray player with ts files over the network.

This is not true. All Amlogic SoC are able to handle FEL.
But the decoder driver is not. When one frame is not able to be decoded all get stuck.

There is just no interest in FEL as it original only exist on BlueRay discs, what have a copy protection and aren’t able to be played at all with such hardware.

I stand corrected. I’m certainly no expert on any of this but presumably the driver for the video decoder was written by Amlogic so the blame and the end result (not working) is kind of the same.

But maybe I shouldn’t of blamed amlogic anyway.
Dolby have probably cracked down on the DV license side of things, so no DV license issued for newer devices/SoC’s etc that can play FEL unless they are Blu-ray players (etc). But then why do they allow P7 MEL playback, it is still a Blu-ray DV profile which should still be encrypted the same as P7 FEL ?
But with the way things are going the future of physical media and Blu-ray doesn’t look that great anyway. So I don’t think :thinking: profile 7 FEL is the future of DV and the PQ gains aren’t that big a deal in my opinion. Plus the P7 Enhanced layer only makes things look better because maybe the HDR encoding wasn’t that great in the first place. (Obviously disregarding any 12bit improvements I’m not going to see on my 10bit TV).
So yes it’s nice to be able to play fel but I’m not that bothered if fel isn’t supported on current or future devices like the AM8.
At the moment I’m just happy to have DV support in CE with my AM6.

Hi all,

New here! Coming from the LibreELEC side of things on x86.

Am I correct in my understanding that the Homatics R 4K Plus and the Dune HD 4K Plus are the same hardware? Just got a new TV and I’m looking for a solution to get DV and passthrough on TrueHD and DTS-MA. I also would prefer a black box over white :slight_smile:


yes, they are the same except in colour.

Thanks @zordon,

So, if I grab the Dune, install CoreELEC, then I get DV from media stored on my server and all the audio formats (up to TrueHD and DTS-MA) bistream to my receiver? I don’t have an Atmos setup, so I’m not yet worried about that.

How is the GUI performance in these units with large libraries?

You won’t get FEL DV though.

Hey. I’m new to DV (and HDR in general). So I don’t really know what that means. I’ll look it up, but how critical is that? And is there another solution that would be better?

It means if you have any 4k bluray rips that you’ve done you won’t see the full enhancement layer if present.

Of course not all have EL layer.

That is true

Hi all
i have just got a tv that is capable of DV and was looking for a box that would support it and Coreelec
after reading through this post am i best in getting the Dune-HD-Homatics

or am i better in forgetting the DV and going with
Odroid N2+

I’d go with the Dune which has functionality the N2 doesn’t (e.g. DV + BT + WiFi + AV1).

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